Hélder A. Santos

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Our research team makes the unique bridge between medical engineering, pharmaceutical nanotechnology and biomedical research by combining unique techniques, such as microfluidic glass technology, to help to build innovative nanomedicines/nanovectors and multidrug loading. To design and test the functionality and efficacy of these nanomedicines, we use state-of-the-art nanotheranostic technologies for personalized medicine, which allow the precisely engineering of materials at nanoscale to develop novel therapeutic formulations, including industrial scale-up validation, batch-to-batch reproducibility, and controllability of the nanomaterials’ physicochemical properties for translation into the clinic.
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Prof. Santos Inaugural Professorship Lecture

Tätä Et Oppinut Koulussa

Prof. Santos talk at the Helsinki Health Week (Tiedekulma) - Nanomedicines: The Next Generation of Smart Precision Drugs