We offer training in pharmaceutical nanotechnology at the B.Sc., M.Sc. and doctoral levels at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, primarily in the Master's and Doctoral Programmes for Pharmaceutical Technology. Additionally, we host Erasmus exchange students for M.Sc. thesis projects, and arrange for training opportunities in pharmaceutical nanotechnology.

For more information on training and thesis opportunities in our group, contact Dr. Santos.


Our participation in tutorials/teaching of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students:



  • Coordination of the course: Nanomedicine for Biomedical Applications (5 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Coordinator: Practical Laboratory Training in the Research Projects of the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (5-10 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Co-coordination of the course: Microfluidics and Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Applications (5 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Solid State Analysis of Pharmaceutics (5 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Methods in Pharmacy (5 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Lääkevalmiste II (Pharmaceutical Technology (8 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems (5 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Nanoforum (2 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Biopharmaceutical Drugs II (Biologiset lääkevalmisteet II; 4 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Farmasian Teknologian Syventävien ja Jatkoopintojen Seminaarit / Seminars in Pharmaceutical Technology (Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Technology; 2 ECTS), Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Course: Nanoscience III - Molecular Nanoscience (5 ECTS), Aalto University.


For more information on studies related to our research can be found in our faculty webpages