LOAC Workshop 2019

DPBM-155 Lab-on-a-chip workshop for biomedical applications (2 credits)
Biomedicum Helsinki, meeting room B401b and lab C411

Introductory lectures B401b:
Mon 16th Dec 2019, 14-16

Tue 17th Dec 2019, 12-14
Jan-Feb 2020: Lab workshops and self fabrication

Fri 6th Mar 2020 10-13: Wrap-up session and Micronova visit

Max 8 students will be selected based on their graduate program affiliation (DPBM and other DSHealth programs prioritized), registration order and motivation letter in e-form. Registration is closed.

The course will give the students a theoretical overview and practical hands-on skills to design and fabricate simple microfluidic chips for biomedical applications (e.g. droplets, mixers, dilution/gradient generators, reaction chambers, microwell arrays, PCR chips, cell culture/migration chambers etc). The students can select a chip design of their interest from publications, or introduce their own idea for a chip. After introductory lectures they will learn how to draw the design with CAD programs and then finalize drawings on their own time. In the wet-lab parts they will use soft lithography at the Meilahti cleanroom/lab to fabricate the master mold, replicate the patterns into PDMS (one type of silicone) chips, cut, clean and bond the chips to support glass slides, make treatments and interphases, and finally test the chip function. The students will then test the chips further in their own labs for their desired applications, and prepare a demo presentation or record a video, as well as a written report of the work. In the end we'll have a wrap-up session where all students present their work and chips for others. An excursion to a larger Micronova cleanroom facility in Otaniemi will be also arranged.

This workshop focuses on hands-on work, applications and PDMS as widely used prototype material. To gain a wider theoretical understanding of microfluidics and other chip materials, we recommend to take also this Aalto University course in Otaniemi, running on Wednesdays in Jan 8 - Apr 6, 2020: CHEM-E8135 Microfluidics and BioMEMS (5 credits).

Contacts for DPBM-155 organizers&teachers:
paivi.saavalainen(at)helsinki.fi, pinja.elomaa(at)helsinki.fi, benedek.poor(at)helsinki.fi