The Creation of Wittgenstein

The Creation of Wittgenstein is a 4-year project granted by the Academy of Finland in 2016. Its Principal Investigator is Thomas Wallgren, the Director of WWA. The project will run 1.9.2016–31.8.2020, and is closely associated with The von Wright and Wittgenstein Research Seminar.

Project Description

During his life-time Ludwig Wittgenstein published less than 100 pages of philosophy. After his death Wittgenstein’s literary executors published a number of “works by Wittgenstein”. These works “created” Wittgenstein as the author of philosophical works on specific topics and theories about them. The problematic relation between the editorial choices and Wittgenstein’s own philosophy have only recently started to attract the scholarly attention that the topic deserves. We address this pristine terrain through careful case-studies of the editorial history of Wittgenstein’s publications. The unpublished holdings of the von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives (WWA) in Helsinki is a huge, untapped resource for the project. The project includes a strong digital humanities R & D aspect. The results will contribute to a reassessment of Wittgenstein’s contribution to the philosophical discourse of enlightenment.