Colonial/Racial Histories, National Narratives and Transnational Migration

The full conference programme will be ready during the week of January 4th, 2021. A separate access guide and links to the programme will be sent to registered participants on January 8th, 2021.

Nordic Migration Research Conference 

11-14 January 2021, Online / University of Helsinki

Preliminary Programme (changes possible)

Monday 11 January 2021 (CET+1)

9:00-17:00     Technical support and information available

10:00-10:30     Opening of the conference 

                          Senior Researcher Marja Tiilikainen (Migration Institute of Finland; Chair 2019 ̶ 2020 of the Nordic Migration Research)

                         Director Saara Pellander (Migration Institute of Finland; Chair 2020 of the Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International                                             Migration) 

                         Professor Suvi Keskinen (CEREN, University of Helsinki)

                         Artist and Researcher Sepideh Rahaa (Aalto University) 

                         Vice-Rector Paula Eerola (University of Helsinki)  

                         Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori

10:30-12:00     Keynote by Professor Anders Neergaard“Even in Sweden”: Exploring the Swedish Racial Formation, Theoretical Challenges and Dilemmas

12:00-12:30     Lunch

12:30-14:00     Parallel workshops I

14:00-14:15     Coffee

14:15-15:15     Keynote by Visual Artist Marja HelanderThe New Paths.

15:15-16:30    Panel discussion: Arts as a way of decolonizing knowledge

                         Chair: Artist and researcher Sepideh Rahaa 

                         Visual Artist Marja Helander, Professor Mira Kallio-Tavin (Aalto University), Art Curator                                                                                     Abdullah Qureshi   

Tuesday 12 January 2021 (CET+1)

9:00-17:00     Technical support and information available

10:00-11.30     Parallel workshops II

11:30-11:45     Coffee

11:45-13:15     Parallel workshops III

13:15-14:00    Lunch

14:00-16:00    ETMU Award

                         Keynote by Professor Gloria WekkerWhite Innocence: race and cherished self-narratives in the Netherlands 

Wednesday 13 January 2021 (CET+1)

9:00-17:00     Technical support and information available

10:00-10:45     NMR General Assembly         

10:45-11:30     Presenting Helsinki University Press (HUP), Nordic Journal of Migration Research and the NJMR best article award

                          Editor-in-Chief, Associate Professor Lena Näre (Chair, NJMR), Communications and Publishing  Manager Anna-Mari Vesterinen (HUP), and                                Editor-in-Chief, Associate Professor Synnøve Bendixsen (NJMR)

                          Presentation of HUP
                          Meet the NJMR editorial team
                          Presentation of NJMR
                          NJMR best article prize award

11:30-11:45     Coffee             

11:45-13:15     Parallel workshops IV

13:15-14:00     Lunch

14:00-16:00    Poetry by Kemê 

                         Keynote by Professor Eduardo Bonilla-SilvaWhat makes "Systemic Racism" Systemic? 

Thursday 14 January 2021 (CET + 1)             

9:00-16:00     Technical support and information available

10:00-11:30     Parallel workshops V              

11:30-12:00     Closing of the conference

                          Artist Nora Sayyad

                          Announcement of the next NMR Conference and ETMU Conference

                          Final words

12:00-13:00     Farewell lunch and matchmaking



14:00-16:00     PhD workshop arranged by the Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU) 


Nora Sayyad, Prog. pic