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ANEE's two minute videos: Ethnicity =/= Culture

ANEE postdoctoral researcher Caroline Wallis explores questions of ethnicity, culture and groupness in the ancient world from a theoretical standpoint


ANEE's two minute videos: The Cyrus Cylinder

Jason Silverman introduces the Cyrus cylinder


ANEE's two minute videos: The Hasmoneans

Doctoral student Rotem Avneri Meir gives an overview of the Hasmonean brothers


ANEE's two minute videos: Alphabet in imperial administration

This video outlines the origins of written language, and explains the role of alphabet in the imperial administration of the ancient Near East


ANEE's two minute videos: Identity

ANEE postdoctoral researcher Nina Nikki discusses aspects of identity


Sex, gender, and the Ancient Near East

ANEE director Saana Svärd and researcher Melanie Wasmuth discuss sex and gender in the Ancient Near East


The Lego Apadana

Jason Silverman explains his rendering of the Apadana at Persepolis in Lego bricks


Migration in the Ancient Near East

Postdoctoral researchers, ANEE members Tero Alstola and Caroline Wallis discuss the topic of migration in the Ancient Near East