Frequently asked questions

On this page, we have collected answers to the most common questions pertaining to Think Corner. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who is welcome at Think Corner?

The doors and events of Think Corner are open to everyone. Join us and bring your grandmother along with you! Read more about the operating principles of Think Corner.

Is Think Corner accessible?

Yes. The accessible entrance is located at the corner of Fabianinkatu and Yliopistonkatu. There are no thresholds in the Think Corner facilities, and the different floors can be accessed by a lift. Accessible toilets are located on floors K1 and 2 in conjunction with other toilet facilities. The Stage venue is equipped with an induction loop.

Does Think Corner offer web access?

A Wi-Fi connection called HelsinkiUni Guest is available to Think Corner customers. The password can be found on the Tiedekulma Café blackboard. In addition eduroam can be used at Think Corner.

Which facilities can be booked?

Think Corner facilities and work spaces are open to everyone, primarily on a first come, first served basis. No bookings are made for individual tables or the street level lodges. The Stage, Fönster and Think Lounge venues can be booked for events open to all and adhering to the Think Corner event policy. Facilities for events can be booked by using dedicated forms on our website. Read more about the Think Corner facilities and event organisation services. Also take a look at the Think Corner price list and floor map.

Why are there no quiet spaces at Think Corner?

Think Corner is home to groupwork, collaborative planning, relaxed moments spent with others and the most interesting events in the city. Think Corner and Helsinki University Main Library, located in the adjacent city block in Kaisa House, together have on offer all the facilities you need for your work. The library in Kaisa House has quiet work spaces, while Think Corner welcomes anyone not disturbed by moderate background noise.
Can I bring my own food to eat at Think Corner?
Tiedekulma Café offers breakfast, lunch, various types of coffee drinks, smoothies and a wide variety of other delicacies. Unlike regular cafés, you are welcome at Think Corner without purchasing a coffee. The open floors of Think Corner are areas designated for alcoholic beverage sales, which prohibits the consumption of your own beverages and food.
Can I bring animals to Think Corner?
Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Think Corner. As much as we love animals, regrettably pets and other animals are not admitted to Think Corner. Otherwise, individuals with allergies would not be able to enjoy the facilities.
Can I move the furniture?

Think Corner adapts to a variety of activities. You can freely move chairs, benches, high and low tables as well as sofas. Most of the furniture is equipped with wheels that make them easily and safely moveable. Please only move the large black tables with the help of Think Corner hosts, as the electric wiring in the tables breaks easily. Remember to return any furniture you moved to its original location when you leave. If you need help moving furniture, ask the Think Corner hosts!
Can I bring personal brochures or advertisements to Think Corner?

Event posters can be attached to the right-hand side wall in the Yliopistonkatu and Fabianinkatu lobbies. Please note that Think Corner reserves the right to edit the wall content. Unfortunately, no brochures or flyers other than those of the University of Helsinki can be distributed or placed at Think Corner.

Where can I enquire about lost property?

If you have left something at Think Corner, you can enquire about lost property from Think Corner hosts at the customer service desk or by phone. You can also contact us by email at Lost property will be stored for three months, after which they will be donated to charity. Valuables will be delivered to the police every month. 
Why does Think Corner have unisex toilets?

Think Corner aims to promote equality and diversity. Think Corner also serves as a large venue where events accommodating hundreds of people can be held. We all know how long the queues to women’s toilets can get at large events, which is why all toilet facilities at Think Corner are available to everyone. If you find using unisex toilets uncomfortable, there are toilets for the disabled next to all toilet facilities, available to anyone when unoccupied.

And where are the toilets?

The toilets are located on floors K1 and 2. Check the precise locations from the floor map.

Is sleeping allowed at Think Corner?
There are a number of comfy sofas at Think Corner but even though working and studying may make you sleepy, the sofas are not intended for naps.

Where’s UniSport?
UniSport Kluuvi is located on the bottom floors of Think Corner: K2, K3 and K4. Access to UniSport is through the Think Corner main staircase. Further information on UniSport