Think Corner opening hours

Think Corner
Mon–Fri 6.30–22
Sat 9–20
Sun 10–21

Customer service
Mon–Fri 8–15
Sat–Sun closed

Tiedekulma Cafe
Cafe is closed for the time being

Tiedekulma Shop
Mon–Fri 11–18 
Sat 12–16
Sun closed

Think Company
See opening hours at Think Company's website.

Unisport Kluuvi
See opening hours at Unisport's website.

Special opening hours

Think Corner is closed for the time being. Read more about the Think Corner special arrangements and the coronavirus situation at the Univeristy of Helsinki

Think Corner
Yliopistonkatu 4
00100 Helsinki

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Customer service
tel. +358 50 3119811

Inquiries for lost and found items:

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The venues open to all at Think Corner are public spaces where photographing and filming are permitted. The facilities of the Tiedekulma Shop, UniSport, Think Company and Reaktor are not public spaces.

All photography and filming must be carried out in accordance with Think Corner operations in such a way that they cause no inconvenience to Think Corner customers, events and other operations.

When organising a media shoot or a commercial shoot, please contact Think Corner in advance.

See the guidelines on photographing and filming at Think Corner.

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