Photographing and filming at Think Corner

The venues open to all at Think Corner are public spaces where photographing and filming are permitted. The facilities of the Tiedekulma Shop, UniSport, Think Company and Reaktor are not public spaces.

Think Corner is a work and event venue for members of the University community and residents of Helsinki. Every week, Think Corner hosts some 17,000 visitors and 10 to 15 events. All photography and filming must be carried out in accordance with Think Corner operations in such a way that they cause no inconvenience to Think Corner customers, events and other operations, for example, by restricting access, preventing the use of the facilities or disturbing the conduct of events.

Photographing and filming for personal use is permitted in public spaces such as Think Corner.

Think Corner and its public interiors can be freely photographed and filmed for personal use as long as this does not disturb regular Think Corner operations.

Please note that when photographing and filming people, it is common courtesy to ask permission from the persons involved.

In all open spaces, it is important to make sure that photographing, filming or related noise does not disturb Think Corner customers or its regular operations.

News media and other media outlets are welcome to photograph and film at the Think Corner facilities.

Due to the high number of events and other shoots taking place at Think Corner, please notify Think Corner in advance of the timing of your planned shoot:


Think Corner facilities can also be rented as the backdrop for other types of shoots. In the case of commercial shoots by businesses, production companies and other parties, please contact Think Corner to agree on the schedule and shooting arrangements.

Photography and filming at the Think Corner facilities is possible only during the opening hours. During the opening hours, no part of the facilities can be cordoned off or closed to customers for the duration of the shoot.

Please contact: info(at)

As a rule, using the Think Corner facilities as a shooting location for purposes other than media use is subject to a fee. In the case of commercial shoots, we charge a facility use fee which includes the use of a meeting room, for example, for changing clothes, for make-up and for storage. The fee for facility use is composed of the rent for the meeting room for the total duration of the shoot. See the Think Corner price list.