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Sleep laboratory

We conduct experimental sleep research in sleep laboratory facilities that are part of the SleepWell -research program infrastructure at the Faculty of Medicine.

Sleep Helsinki! –population-based RCT

In 2015 we initiated a population-based cohort among all 16-17-year-old inhabitants of Helsinki. The first phase of the study concentrated on very late sleep rhythms and delayed sleep phase disorder. We built a sleep coaching protocol to help adolescents regulate their sleep rhythms. It was further developed to an e-health solution called Nyxo. Funding for these projects was provided by the Academy of Finland and BusinessFinland.

The second phase of the research, funded by the Academy of Finland, has started in 2020.



Glaku - Longitudinal Community Cohort

Glaku is a longitudinal community-based cohort born in Helsinki in 1998 that underwent a sleep EEG assessment at the age of 17.  Together with rich phenotypes and genome-wide information, the cohort has produced a multitude of papers unraveling different developmental sleep profiles and associations between sleep, learning, and their genetic modulation.

Glaku cohort is studied in collaboration with the Developmental psychology research group.



Other projects and collaboration

The team collaborates with other research groups, teams and industrial actors in various projects, where sleep is involved. During years 2018-2020, we have collaborated with Finnish wearable industry, such as Polar, FirstBeat, and Oura. We have an ample experience in conducting multimethod sleep research among participants of all ages. Please contact for further questions.

If you want to include sleep measurements in your project, please be in touch!