Postdoctoral Researcher

I’m a cognitive scientist with an interest in optimal sleep, and measuring it (accelerometers, EEG, thermometers, consumer gadgets, etc.).

I have worked with SleepHelsinki since the very beginning, and the Glaku cohort since 2013, and am also involved with other research projects (AYLS, PikkuK sibling study), validation studies and different corporate collaborations. My research mainly focuses on the associations between sleep and cognitive functions such as memory, neural development, self-regulation and executive functions, but also basic sleep studies and health outcomes (such as cholesterol levels). Various aspects of sleep continue to fascinate me; I am currently studying the correlations, causes and consequences of sleep duration, circadian regulation, sleep problems and quality, as well as EEG-derived measures, such as spindle activity and sleep architecture.

Post-doctoral researcher

My main research interests focuses on how individual circadian rhythm profile associates with life habits, sleep, mental health and chronic disease risks. I also study sleep architecture, sleep spindles and genetics in relation to circadian profile, cognitive function and psychiatric problems.

PhD Student

I'm interested in how cognitive function relates to measurable neural activity in sleeping brain. My current work concerns learning, sleep microstucture and endogenous factors related to brain plasticity.

Research Assistant

I'm a research assistant in the SleepEmotion study. I work with data collection (polysomnography and electrodermal activity measuring) and maintain the sleep laboratory.