REC-group seminars are held via Zoom. During the spring 2021 REC organizes talks given by REC group members and invited speakers. About once a month there will be flexi slots.

During the spring 2021 there will be REC invited speakers from other universities and these seminars will be open for everyone.

REC seminar talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Flexi slots are well described by their name: they are slots with varying contents, such as workshops, journal clubs and other research related activities.

Person giving a REC talk or hosting a flexi slot will act as the chair in next seminar and send a reminder email to REC groups mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Spring 2021

Date Room Type of seminar Talk / host of flexi slot
15.1.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk

How population indices inform about population changes for different kinds of species? / Dr. Elina Numminen

22.1.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Technology and deep learning for wildlife ecology and conservation / Dr. Andrea Santangeli
29.1.2021 (10:15) on Zoom Flexi slot Mega Journal Club to summarize the Special Feature on insect declines in PNAS / Dr. Maria Hällfors
5.2.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk no seminar
12.2.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Disentangling temporal food web dynamics facilitates understanding of ecosystem functioning / Dr. Susanne Kortsch
19.2.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC invited speaker Drivers of biodiversity maintenance and plant rarity in a changing world / Dr. Anne Kempel, University of Bern
26.2.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk The role of life-histories in the colonization of novel environments / Sridhar Halali
5.3.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Bird biodiversity indicators / Dr. Sara Fraixedas
12.3.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC invited speaker Plant pollinator interactions across space and time / Prof. Tiffany Knight & Leana Zoller, German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
19.3.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk From lakes and forests to botulinum neurotoxin and back to the nature / Dr. Liisa Ilvonen
26.3.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC invited speaker Deep Learning and Computer Vision could Transform Insect Monitoring / Dr. Toke Thomas Høye, Senior scientist, Aarhus University
9.4.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Coinfecting parasites determine within- and between-host transmission in a field experiment and natural epidemics / Suvi Sallinen
16.4.2021 (10:15) on Zoom Flexi slot

Is there a way to make better posters? Manuel Frias

23.4.2020 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Doors and corners of variance partitioning in statistical ecology / Torsti Schulz
30.4.2020 (10:15) on Zoom REC invited speaker Prof. Len Thomas from the University of St Andrews: Using population models to quantify the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on marine mammals
7.5.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Interactions between plants and microbes as determinants of Arctic vegetation dynamics / Bastien Parisy
14.5.2021 (10:15) on Zoom Flexi slot no seminar
21.5.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC talk Genetic diversity in space and time in the Glanville fritillary butterfly / Dr. Michelle Dileo
28.5.2021 (10:15) on Zoom REC invited speaker Past, Present and Future Research in Community Ecology: a Bristol Perspective / Prof. Jane Memmott, University of Bristol