REC Zoom presentation example

Our colleague giving a presentation via Zoom

During spring 2022, REC organizes talks given by REC group members. About once a month there will be flexi slots. They are all at 10:15 (at 10:00 a coffee/tea break to chat with colleagues) and via Zoom. Starting from Friday 1.4. the seminar is also organized in Biocentre 3, room 6602 (except 8.4. in room 6201).

REC seminar talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Flexi slots are well described by their name: they are slots with varying contents, such as workshops, journal clubs and other research-related activities.

The person giving a REC talk or hosting a flexi slot will act as the chair in the next seminar and send a reminder email to the REC group's mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Spring 2022 - all start at 10:15

Date Type of seminar

Type of seminar talk / flexi slot and host.

21.1.2022 REC talk Anna-Liisa Laine: How important is host diversity for disease?
28.1.2022 REC talk Julia Gómez: Wind farms and passerine birds in Iberian shrub-steppes
4.2.2022 REC talk Mariana Braga: Phylogenetic reconstruction of ancestral ecological networks
11.2.2022 Flexi slot Laura Antao: Journal club - Catford et al., Addressing context dependence in ecology
18.2.2022 REC talk Hanna Susi: Downy mildew Peronospora sparsa dynamics in arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus) and other Rubus species
25.2.2022 REC talk Juri Kurhinen: The 10th anniversary of the international project "Eurasian Chronicle of Nature": some results and new plans --> POSTPONED
4.3.2022 REC talk Elina Kaarlejärvi: Inferring community assembly processes from changes in community trait niches
11.3.2022 Flexi slot Torsti Schulz: some tips for data wrangling with R
18.3.2022 REC talk Karel Kaurila: Data Fusion for a Species Distribution Model
25.3.2022 REC talk Andrea Santangeli: Effects of protected areas on biodiversity occurrence trends – a country-wise multi taxon evaluation
1.4.2022 REC talk
room 6602
Elisa Hanhirova: Land use and land cover in species observation sites
8.4.2022 Flexi slot 
room 6201
Janne Koskinen: Memetics vol. 2 --> POSTPONED
22.4.2022 REC talk
room 6602
Bess Hardwick: Lifeplan: How it started vs. How it’s going
29.4.2022 REC talk
room 6602
Sonja Saine: Studying assembly processes with reintroductions of wood-inhabiting fungi - the field experiment of my PhD
6.5.2022 REC talk
room 6602
Liisa Ilvonen
13.5.2022 Flexi slot Bird watching with Krista Raveala