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Ecological processes are crucial to both human health and the economy

In Finland, we have a unique knowledge reserve made up of long-term series of nature observations. By fully utilising this reserve, we can understand environmental change and its impact on communities of organisms and the ecosystem services they provide. In REC we are uniting the leading experts in the field to tap into this reserve together with its creators, to develop new methods and to disseminate the tools created to stakeholders.

She is also the director of REC... and we are proud of her! #TheBossRocks #plantscience #RECalsoRocks…

Today in our weekly REC seminar, Sara Fraixedas talks about bird biodiversity indicators.…

Osallistu Luomuksen ja BirdLife Suomen kyselyyn lintujen ruokkimisesta! Kyselyn tarkoituksena on ymmärtää lintujen……

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