Publications and activities



1 June 2022 (Book review) Äystö: Hijacked: A Critical Treatment of the Public Rhetoric of Good and Bad Religion by Leslie Dorrough Smith, Steffen Führding, and Adrian Smith (eds), Equinox, Sheffield and Bristol. Religion (online).

13 April 2022 Äystö: Kirkosta eroamisen syyt.

8 April 2022 Äystö, Koivula, Wessman, Kyyrö & Hjelm: Miksi suomalaiset eroavat evankelis-luterilaisesta kirkosta? Yhteiskuntapolitiikka 87 (2): 129–140.



15 June 2021 Äystö and Hjelm: "Onko uskonnolla merkitystä nykypäivän politiikassa?"

17 May 2021. Äystö: "The Finnish Mu­ni­cipal Elec­tions 2021: A Re­li­gion Schol­ar’s View." (See the News section)

14 April 2021 Äystö: "Kuntavaalit ja uskonto".

2 Feb 2021. Äystö: "Op­po­si­tio­puo­luei­den kun­ta­vaa­lioh­jel­mat us­kon­non­tut­ki­jan sil­min". (See the Ajankohtaista -osio in the Finnish project pages)



21 Oct 2020. Hjelm: "Uskonnon ja politiikan tutkimuksen katvealueilla".




10–13 June 2022 Äystö and Hjelm presented the project's research in the Critical Research on Religion conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

18–20 May 2022 Äystö and Hjelm presented the project's research, and Ahonen spoke about her previous research in Research Conference in Theology and Religion in Helsinki, Finland.

11–13 May 2022 Äystö presented the projeject's research in Politiikan tutkimuksen päivät conference in Helsinki, Finland.


22 November 2021 Äystö presented online the project's research in the American Academy of Religion conference in San Antonio, USA. 

12 November 2021 Äystö and Hjelm presented online the project's research in the International Sociological Association RC-22 conference in Vilnus, Lithuania.

16 September 2021 Äystö presented the project's research in an event organized by the Centre for the Study of Christian Cultures, University of Turku.

30 August - 3 September 2021 The project participated the EASR Conference Resilient Religion, that was organized online and in Pisa, Italy. Äystö presented the ongoing research.

8-9 June 2021 The project participated the Religion and Cultural Change conference in Åbo Akademi. Äystö presented the ongoing resesarch.

10-12 May 2021. The poroject participated The Annual Conference of the Finnish Political Science Association, presenting the ongoing research of the project.

16 April 2021. Äystö visited an event as a panel chair, organized by a project on religious literacy in Finland, 

12 Mar 2021. The project participated to the conference of Finnish sociology Sosiologipäivät, held online. Äystö presented about the automated methods used in the project in the sociology of religion session, and Hjelm co-chaired the session.  

22 Jan 2021. The team met with the advisory board online and discussed the project goals, timetable and the related scientific questions.



19 Nov 2020. The project visited the course titled Religion, worldview and tradition, run by university lecturer Alexandra Bergholm (University of Helsinki), during which Hjelm, Haapalainen and Äystö told the new students about the project, as well as about the approaches in the study of religion.

12–13 Nov 2020. The project was represented in the traditional fall seminar for PhD students in the study of religion in Tvärminne, done online this year. Hjelm and Äystö delivered keynotes on religion and politics.