CENS staff offer teaching and supervision at BA, MA, and PhD level. Most of CENS teaching is concentrated on MA level, with one professor and one University Lecturer offering tuition together with yearly changing list of courses offered by other staff research members.

European and Nordic Studies Master’s Programme (ENS): this is a English language joint programme between the Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Arts. ENS offers a possibility for Nordic specialization within the framework of European Studies. The programme has one humanities and one social science track. Nordic specialization is possible within both tracks, although the chair in Nordic Studies is situated at the Faculty of Arts.

The programme offers a unique possibility to study the Nordic societies form a social science and humanities perspective. We offer courses dealing with themes such as, The Nordic Welfare State, Nordic cooperation on both state and NGO level, history and identity politics in the Nordic countries, the transnational dynamics between Nordic countries and the European community. Teaching connected to conceptual history, branding practice and image studies, and cultural studies with a Nordic dimension are also offered

The programme also offers a possibility to study Swedish and/or Finnish and for students with previous command in these languages, there is a wide range of courses offered (25 % of the courses can be taken in other languages than English).

The programme is also an excellent choice for students aiming for a PhD degree and an academic career.

Magisterprogrammet Kultur och Kommunikation (Kulkom): This is a Swedish language master’s programme at the Faculty of Arts. Nordic Studies is one of four options of specialization, the others being history, Nordic literature and Nordic languages. The programme offers a broad education in humanities and gives the student a work life focused MA exam. The programme is well known and acclaimed for its social group dynamics, creating an inspiring atmosphere for studying in Swedish at the bilingual University of Helsinki. As of 2020 no new students are admitted to the program as the progra, will be closed.

Area and Cultural Studies (ALKU): This is a mainly Finnish language programme, were European cultural studies is one option. Within this study unit, Nordic Studies courses are offered and students have an opportunity to specialize in this area.