Effects of wintertime physiology of trees on forest carbon sequestration in changing climate; University of Helsinki three year’s research grant

PI Anna Lintunen

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Shrub climate sensitivity across boreal, subarctic and tundra ecosystems; University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki Partnership Programme on Forests

PIs are Isla H. Myers-Smith and Anna Lintunen

Team shrub webpage at the University of Edinburgh: https://teamshrub.com/

Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC); Academy of Finland Flagship

PI Markku Kulmala, research coordinator Anna Lintunen

ACCC webpage: https://www.acccflagship.fi/

Biogeochemical and biophysical feedbacks from forest harvesting to climate change; Academy of Finland research project

PI Jaana Bäck, one task lead Anna Lintunen

Managing Forests for Climate Change Mitigation (ForClimate) consortium project; Academy of Finland call for Green and Digital Transition

PI Anna Lintunen. Other partner PIs are Markku Kulmala (consortium lead, University of Helsinki), Jari Hynynen (Natural Resources Institute Finland), Annalea Lohila (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

ForClimate webpage: https://www.atm.helsinki.fi/forclimate/


Options of municipalities to use compensation based on net sinks in the land use sector (KuntaNielu) consortium project; Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry call Catch the carbon

PI Anna Lintunen. Consortium lead is Mikael Hildén (Finnish Environment Institute), and other partners are Natural Resources Institute Finland and the cities of Turku, Lahti, Espoo and Joensuu