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is the national project of the global research and advocacy initiative the Global Media Monitoring Project, GMMP. The Swedish School of Social Science at the University of Helsinki has been involved in the project since 1995 and hosted it since 2000. You are welcome to explore the research in Finland, the Nordic countries, and internationally, and use the resources for further research, advocacy, and education.
More about the Global Media Monitoring Project

GMMP Finland 2020

GMMP 2020 took place on 29 September in 116 countries. Finland participated for the sixth time.

GMMP in Short

What is GMMP, who are the participants, and why does it matter?

GMMP In Short

The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) is the largest and longest-running research and advocacy initiative on gender equality in the world's news media. It is implemented collaboratively with grassroots and national-level women's rights groups, other civil society organisations, associations and unions of media professionals, university students and researchers around the world.

GMMP: Focus and Goals

Do Women Matter? The goal of the GMMP Project by filmmaker Jennifer Lee, GMMP ambassador.

GMMP Concept and Key Results

Research concept and results in a nutshell.


The Finnish GMMP2015 and GMMP2020 research projects have been supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In 2020, the project received additional support from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. This site has been created in collaboration with the research consortium CORDI and the master’s course Media, Activism and Social Change (GPC-M322-2020) at the University of Helsinki.