The quality of FIMM RNA extraction services assessed as part of the EATRIS-Plus project

FIMM Technology Centre's HiPrep core unit has participated in an external quality assessment program. The results indicated that the quality of the RNA extraction services was very satisfactory.

FIMM Technology Centre at the University of Helsinki provides method development and biomedical research services for national and international research groups, companies and hospitals. The core units are professionally run and led by technology experts and high quality of the services is our main priority.

As part of the H2020 INFRADEV project EATRIS-Plus, FIMM Technology Centre has recently participated in proficiency testing modules offered by the Integrated Biobank Luxembourg (IBBL). IBBL’s Biospecimen Proficiency Testing program is an external quality assessment tool to verify the precision and accuracy of biospecimen testing methods, and the efficiency of processing methods.

One of the FIMM Technology Centre units, HiPrep core headed by Maija Puhka, took part in the testing. The testing included four different RNA extraction related modules: cell-free RNA (cfRNA) Extraction from Plasma, RNA Extraction from Whole Blood, RNA Extraction from formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) Tissue Material, and Total RNA Extraction from Frozen Tissue. Each module consisted of 2-6 individual assays per sample type that assessed the yield, purity and integrity of RNA.

Certificate showing that FIMM has participated in the RNA extraction quality assessment organised by IBBL and that the results were very satisfactory.


The results indicated that the quality of the RNA extractions was very satisfactory, and HiPrep received a status as certified laboratory for these modules.

Proficiency testing results of the RNA isolation for several different assays. The results show that the extraction services are of high quality.

Proficiency testing results of the RNA isolation by FIMM tech centre. Triangles present individual assays. Green triangles denote very satisfactory performance compared to the mean result values (0) of all participant laboratories. Yellow triangles denote satisfactory performance (+/-1 standard deviation) compared to the mean values (0). Results are shown separately compared to all participating RNA isolation methods and compared among the specific RNA isolation method (e.g. magnetic bead-based isolation).​​​​​​​