PhD workshop on transnationalism and nation-states

Doctoral workshop "Transnationalism and nation-states: Multidisciplinary perspectives" in Helsinki 11-12 October.
The transnational turn in the humanities and social sciences has questioned the nation-state as the natural frame for scholarly research in recent decades. Yet, methodological nationalism, which views nations as natural entities and frames of analysis in the modern world, still poses theoretical and methodological challenges for research across the humanities and social sciences. This is all the more the case at a time in which processes of globalization and re-nationalization intersect in apparently chaotic ways. This was the starting point for a two-day PhD workshop organized in Helsinki 11-12 October. Thirteen PhD students from the University of Helsinki and Södertörn University gathered to discuss their on-going research projects by focusing on the theoretical, methodological and empirical challenges that the notion of nationalism and transnationalism pose in their research. The workshop consisted of key note lectures by Miika Tervonen (Migration Institute of Finland), Monica Quirico (University of Turin, also research fellow at Södertörn University) and Johan Strang, (CENS, University of Helsinki) and studen presentations. Transnationalism was approached from both historical and contemporary perspectives.