Nordic Challenges Conference

ReNEW organizes annually Nordic Challenges Conference, an international  cross-disciplinary conference, gathering scholars from the humanities, social sciences and beyond under a wide umbrella of Norden related study and research. The conference is also a response to the articulated need for new research on the Nordic region aad its global relations and, to promote debate on current challenges facing the Nordic societies.

Each year the conference announces ReNEW Early Career Prize winners. ReNEW Early Career Paper Prize recognizes outstanding early career papers in research about the Nordic region. To be eligible, candidates have to be PhD students or have completed a PhD within the last three years, and have to present written work at any ReNEW event between annual conferences.

The Fifth Nordic Challenges Conference, ‘Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond’

1 ‒ 3 June, 2022, Södertörn University, Stockholm

Neighbourly interactions have become a major challenge for countries, territories, and peoples in the past two years. In the Nordic states and globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified tendencies of bordering and political or social disengagement with the surrounding world. At the same time, efforts to curb the pandemic have given rise to new forms of virtual communication. The 5th Nordic Challenges Conference, organised as an on-site event by the ReNEW university hub, follows current developments and sheds light on the topic of Nordic neighbourhoods from various humanities and social science perspectives.

The conference addresses recent schisms and rapprochement, or ingrained affinities and differences. Inter-Nordic relationships and Nordic entanglements with the Baltic Sea Region, Eastern and Central Europe, the EU, the UK, and the Arctic are of particular interest to the neighbourhood theme of the conference. In addition, the 5th Nordic Challenges Conference offers a forum for any research dealing with the Nordic countries in an evolving world that fits under one of the ReNEW hub’s six research streams: Nordic cooperation and region-building; Democracy, governance, and law; Public policy, gender equality, and labour markets; Imagining Norden – branding and Nordic reputation; Multiculturalism and globalisation; Nordic culture, education, and media

The second ReNEW Emerging Scholars Day will be held at Södertörn University on 31 May 2022, preceding the 5th Nordic Challenges Conference. Deadline for application is 15 April 2022. 

Registration for the conference closes 15 May 2022!

Go to conference website for more information and registration: 5th Nordic Challenges Conference: Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond

Nordic Challenges Conference 2022: Nordic Neighbourhoods poster



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The First Nordic Challenges Conference: Global Challenges - Nordic Experiences, Oslo in 20-21 March 2017.

The Second Nor­dic Chal­lenges Conference: Nar­rat­ives of uni­form­ity and di­versity, Helsinki 7‒9 March 2018​​​.

3rd Annual Nordic Challenges Conference: Global challenges and Nordic responses, Copenhagen, 6–8 March 2019

The Fourth Nordic Challenges Conference: Reconsidering the Nordic Models in an age of polarization, Boston, 5–6 November, 2021