FIMM Digital Microscopy and Molecular Pathology Unit

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The digital microscopy and molecular pathology unit provides high throughput whole-slide scanning services for all customers. We offer quick, high-quality and cost-efficient wide-field microscope imaging for bright field and fluorescence.

Webmicroscopy is developed by the Lundin group. It is a method of digitizing entire microscope specimens and viewing as well as processing the virtual slides through a web interface. Johan Lundin's research group has great expertise in image analysis of digitized images.

We can offer help analysing your images with different softwares and digitized slides can also be converted to the Aiforia Platform.  More information: Aiforia

Pathology laboratory techniques, such as tissue processing, sectioning of parrafin blocks and chromogenic staining are available as well. Moreover we are well experienced in fluorescent IHC on paraffin sections and multiplexed fluorescent IHC.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of the services mentioned above.