General viral particle order instructions

Online Order Request
Or by email: bvc-support@helsinki.fi

Please have the following information available:

GMO permission
Billing address and reference 
Shipping address 
Construct information (customer provided constructs only)
DNA amount for production




Construct information
(customer provided only)


Please provide the following information:

Vector backbone
eg. pKLV-flipedU6gRNA_PB_BbsI_PGKpuro2ABFP)

(eg. 20 ntd shRNA to silence ProteinA; ProteinB overexpression construct)

Known/predicted function
(eg. oncogene/tumor suppressor; eg. The function of this gene is not known but it is predicted that it has a role as a regulator of the cell cycle; eg. silencing of the gene of interest might have an effect on cell growth)

Construct DNA concentration (µg/µl)

Construct size (bp)

Our delivery address 

Constructs can be brought and
orders received at:

Biomedicum Virus Core/Elina Hurskainen
Biomedicum 1
5th floor, room B508b
Haartmaninkatu 8
FI-00290 Helsinki


GMO permission


All Biological Agents and Genetic Modification experiments must be filed and sanctioned by Board of Gene Technology/Geenitekniikan lautakunta. Filling GMO forms and obtaining the approval is the responsibility of the principal investigator. 

According to the requirements of the Board for Gene Technology, customers must provide full information of the plasmids that are used to produce lentiviral particles. Note that due to a serious health risk, following constructs need a special permission from FuGU management:

A construct including both Cas9 gene and gRNA for tumor suppressors A construct that causes overexpression of dominant mutant oncogenes



Detailed shipping address

Please provide us:

Your name; 
Institution / company, research group / department; 
Address (e.g. room no); 
Contact phone; 


Amount of DNA required for viral production. MINI scale needs 5 micrograms, MIDI scale 10 micrograms, 180 microliter concentrated virus production needs 30 micrograms of DNA.