Recent courses and workshops by GoEditStem units


Genome Editing Journal Club
3. - 4.12.2019


CRISPR genome editing, stem cells and applications course
28. - 29.11.2019

CRISPR sgRNA design with web-based tools (by Topi Tervonen, PhD and Maria Salmela, PhD)
Sample preparation and performing the SURVEYOR assay (by Topi Tervonen, PhD and Maria Salmela, PhD)

CRISPR genome editing, stem cells and applications course
4. - 5.10.2018
See topics above (nov 2019 course)

Genome Editing Journal Club
Sep – Nov 2017

GBU training:

GBU gives free consultation related to cloning and scanning projects. With new slide scanning projects GBU offers free test scanning and opportunity to have a demo session where the scanner and the slide viewing software are introduced. Upon request GBU can help to arrange 3DHISTECH HistoQuant image analysis module user training with a product specialist.

Recent courses and training arranged by GBU:


30th January 2018
3DHISTECH image analysis software workshops with Lotta Leveelahti (Histolab Products Oy)

17th and 20th November 2017
Method Course on Immunohistochemistry and Digital Microscopy (DPBM-116, 1-2 ECTS)

Hands-on course work: IHC staining applying polymer technology, slide scanning and image analysis demo for limited number of participants. Special seminar on digital slide scanning and automated quantification open for everybody.

11th April 2017
Biomedicum 13DHISTECH image analysis module HistoQuant user training by Lotta Leveelahti (Histolab Products Oy)

FuGU libraries provides free consultation on projects involving lentiviral and retroviral experimental design. 

Please contact fugu-support at for more information.

Training for Biomedicum Virus Core (BVC)

Biomedicum Virus Core (BVC) is a biosafety 2 level laboratory for customers working with GMO2 level transfer vectors. To be able to access the facility, customer needs to be registered as a user and go through the Biosafety training organized by the personnel of BVC. BVC Biosafety manual is used as a base for the training.

The biosafety training includes the guidelines and requirements from the Board for Gene Technology (Geenitekniikan lautakunta) for BSL2 work and principles how to act in a BSL2 laboratory. All possible safety precautions are handled in the training and also described in the BVC Biosafety manual.

The training is organized when the need arises and costs 100 €/customer from the University of Helsinki. 

Helsinki Virus Core – AAV gene transfer and cell therapy core facility provides training of researchers on the basis of personal agreement. Those researchers, who wish to learn AAV production technology and/or get knowledge of the AAV vector design and use, should contact us (or visit our place) to agree personally about the timing and the points he/she would like to learn.

Courses and lectures

Lääketieteen koulutusohjelma. Perimä ja Kehitys harjoitustyöt kurssin labrakierros,
Advanced Cell Culture Course – modeling with human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
22nd Jan - 2nd Feb 2018 (Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet)
Genetic variability in iPS cell, (Ras Trokovic, PhD)
dCas9 for gene expression control (Ras Trokovic, PhD)
Meilahden kampuspäivä opiskelijoille (lukiolaisille) 22.3.2018