FuGU library services

Lentiviral services

Lentiviral services include amplifying DNA from in-house library or customer glycerol stock. HEK293ft cells produce lentiviruses after transfection of lentiviral DNA components. Viral titer measures capsid protein amount in viral prepation.



Can you prepare a custom lentivirus or retrovirus order?

Yes, customers are welcome to deliver their own retroviral or lentiviral constructs  (e.g. cDNA, shRNA etc.) to FuGU Libraries for custom viral particle production.

We collaborate with GBU cloning services for your lentiviral overexpression studies!
GBU does cloning from ORFeome and cDNA collections as well as from Gateway-compatible PCR products. 
Please contact for more details!

Please see Ordering and the Price list below for more information.

Price lists

Please contact us for a quote request, we are happy to help you find the viral product most suitable to your needs!

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Lentivirus production from LIBRARIES

Read moreshRNA library Read moreCRISPR knockout gRNA library

5 shRNA constructs / gene - 390 EUR

Human shRNA Mouse shRNA

2 gRNA constructs / gene - 280 EUR

Human KO gRNA  Mouse KO gRNA 

Search for individual genes:
Guaranteed shRNA construct library

Search for individual genes:
Sanger's KO gRNA library


Which controls do you provide for TRC?

Negative controls

Empty pLKO.1 vector

Scramble shRNA in pLKO.1 backbone 

eGFP shRNA in pLKO.1 backbone 

Positive control

TurboGFP in pLKO.1 backbone


Which controls do you provide for CRISPR KO gRNA?

Negative controls

CRISPR-Lenti Non-target gRNA in Sanger vector no 2

CRISPR-Lenti Non-target gRNA in Sanger vector no 3

CRISPR-Lenti Non-target gRNA in Sanger vector no 1

Positive control

CRISPR-Lenti Human EMX1 Positive Control

Production volumes

MINI scale produces 1,5 ml, MIDI scale 6 ml lentiviral medium and concentrated lentiviruses are in 180 or 360 microliters. Titer for lentiviral medium is 100 000 picograms and for concentrated viruses 1 000 000 picograms per milliliter.


Which quality controls are included?

Internal control is provided for all viral products.


Optional tests:

Capsid titer test (p24)*
Exclusion of replication competent virus (RCV test description here)*

* These analyses are for lentiviruses only. For retroviruses, quality control tests depend on the vector backbone and type (ecotropic or amphotropic pseudotypes).
Please contact bvc-support@helsinki.fi for more information.