PhD workshop

Monday, 26 August 2019, Metsätalo, lecture room 5 (Unioninkatu 40)

9.15-9.30 Coffee & Registration

Session 1

Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin (University of Helsinki), Participatory Approach in Developing Equality Data: Using Statistics to Map and Counter Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Finland (commentator: Daria Krivonos)

Tuire Liimatainen (University of Helsinki), Contemporary Sweden-Finnish activism, construction of minority identity and transnational connections – An analysis of the repatriation debate of Karolinska Institutet’s collection of Finnish skulls (commentator: Kristin Gregers Eriksen)

Daria Krivonos (University of Helsinki), Passing and whiteness among young Russian-speaking migrants in Helsinki (commentator: Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin)

11.30-12.30 Lunch (Café Viola, Kaisaniemenranta 2)

Session 2

Nelli Ruotsalainen (University of Helsinki), White feminists, Anti-Racism and Privilege (commentator: Anna-Leena Korpijärvi)

Ella Alin (University of Helsinki), Relationships at the intersection of gender and race: deconstructing whiteness in multicultural Finland (commentator: Nelli Ruotsalainen)

Anna-Leena Korpijärvi (University of Helsinki), Whiteness and its discontent. Practical issues encountered during a dissertation study (commentator: Frederik Forrai Ørskov)

14.30-15.00 Coffee break

Keynote speech by Kristín Loftsdóttir (University of Iceland), “Not So Exceptional”:  Making Whiteness, Racism and the North in the Dust of a Big Lie

Chair: Josephine Hoegaerts (University of Helsinki)

16.00-16.15 Break

Session 3

Ruzica Radulovic (University of Arts in Belgrade), Cultural Translation of the Other in the contemporary Nordic literatures (commentator: Tuire Liimatainen)

Kristin Gregers Eriksen (University of South-Eastern Norway), Mainstreaming Indigenous education in the Norwegian Primary School Classroom – Reinforcing Otherness through the Affective technologies of Whiteness (commentator: Ella Alin)

Frederik Forrai Ørskov (University of Helsinki), White Nights and Blondes on the Beach: Nordic Whiteness in Danish Tourist Promotion in the 1930s (commentator: Ruzica Radulovic)

18.15-18.20 Concluding remarks
19.00 Dinner (The Cock restaurant, Fabianinkatu 17)



Tuesday, 27 August 2019, Metsätalo, lecture room 4 (Unioninkatu 40)

8.30-9.00  Registration 
9.00-9.20  Opening the conference 

Keynote speech by Suvi Keskinen (University of Helsinki), Nordic Whiteness, Colonial/Racial Nexus and Rewriting of Finnish History

Chair: Laura Siragusa (University of Helsinki)

10.20-10.45  Coffee break 

Panel 1: The ‘other’ within

Chair: Riikka Tuori (University of Helsinki) 


Ainur Elmgren (University of Helsinki), “The Other was Comely to Behold” – Finns and Tatars Testing the Limits of Whiteness 1900-1944  

Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki), They are Moribund Peoples. Building Counter-identities for Finns in the 19th century Siberia   

Howard Sklar (University of Helsinki), “The Wandering Jew” as Religious and Racial Other in Pär Lagerkvists Sibyllan and Ahasverus död

Tiina Seppä (University of Eastern Finland), Whiteness and Racialization in Context of The Greater Finland. Case: Samuli Paulaharju in Kinship War  

12.45-13.45  Lunch (Café Viola, Kaisaniemenranta 2)

Panel 2: Migration and multiculturalism 

Chair: Mari Toivanen (CEREN/University of Helsinki) 


Mikko Malmberg (University of Helsinki), The Rise of Migrant Rappers and the Unquestioned Whiteness of Finnish Rap Scene 

Maïmouna Jagne-Soreau (University of Helsinki/Sorbonne), To wake up as suedi: growing up brown in a white Sweden 

Tuuli Kurki (University of Helsinki) & Kristiina Brunila (University of Helsinki), Colonial imaginaries in psychoeducation for migrants and refugees  

Jaanika Kingumets (Tampere University), Migrants’ Ways of Dismantling Differences and Constructing Sameness through Culture and Whiteness Talk: The Case of Estonian and Russian-speaking migrants’ Facebook conversations in Finland  

15.45-16.00  Coffee break 

Keynote speech by Anne-Marie Fortier (Lancaster University), Unmarked white monolingualism? Thoughts about the (new) common-sense politics of language and citizenship

Chair: Tuire Liimatainen (University of Helsinki)

17.00-17.15  Coffee break 

Panel 3:  Experiencing Whiteness in Finnish Colonialism 

Chair: Janne Lahti (University of Helsinki/Free University of Berlin) 


Ritva Kylli (University of Oulu) & Sami Lakomäki (University of Oulu), Drinking Boundaries: Alcohol, Colonialism, and Race in Sápmi, 1600–1900 

Elina Arminen (University of Eastern Finland), Adventure on the Arctic Ocean. Kaarlo Hänninen’s Swashbucklers and Finnish Colonialism 

Timo Särkkä (University of Jyväskylä), Colonialism and the Camera: C. T. Eriksson’s Photographic Representations of Race and Class in Early Colonial Rhodesia 

Comments: Rinna Kullaa (University of Tampere/University of Vienna) 

19.00 Reception at the University of Helsinki

Wednesday, 28 August 2019, Metsätalo, lecture room 12 (Unioninkatu 40)


Panel 4: Concepts and vocabularies of whiteness 

Chair: Peter Stadius (University of Helsinki)


Elizabeth Peterson (University of Helsinki), Teaching about race and English language in ”The Great White North”  

Marja Peltola (University of Helsinki), Masculinity, the norm of Whiteness and egalitarian ideologies: 12–15-year-olds’ narratives on multiethnicity in school  

Kaisa Ilmonen (University of Turku), Introducing Intersectionality? The Politics of Introducing Research Concepts and the Practice of Multiplying Genealogies  

Riikka Taavetti (University of Helsinki), ”The Dark Foreign Man”: Invisible Whiteness in Finnish Sexual Life Stories from the 1990’s 

11.00-11.15  Coffee break 

Keynote speech by Nelson Maldonado-Torres (Rutgers University), Toward a Phenomenology of White Consciousness from a Decolonial Point of View

Chair: Pirjo Virtanen (University of Helsinki)

12.15-13.15  Lunch (Unicafé Metsätalo)

Panel 5: Classifying, inventorying, categorizing 

Chair: Johanna Enqvist (University of Helsinki) 


Aaro Tupasela (University of Helsinki), Genetic Romanticism - Constructing the Corpus in Finnish Folklore and Rare Diseases  

Heidi Haapoja-Mäkelä (University of Helsinki), People’s Heritage? Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventorying and the ideal of White and Middle-class Finnishness  

Maja Hagerman (University of Helsinki), East Baltic, Lapp and Nordic types at the Swedish State Institute for Racial Biology. Herman Lundborg categorizing races in the north.  

14.45-15.00  Coffee break 

Panel 6: A history of exceptionalism?

Chair: Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki) 


Peter Stadius (University of Helsinki), A new white city? Modernity and Race at the Stockholm Exhibition 1930   

Saga Rosenström (University of Helsinki) & Barbora Žiačková (University of Oxford), Ideal Woman, Ideal State: The romanticisation of the white Viking woman as an archetype of Nordic gender equality and national identity  

Teivo Teivainen (University of Helsinki), Coloniality of Power in Finland  

Miika Tervonen (Migration Institute of Finland/University of Helsinki), Whitewashed history? Minorities and national gaze in Finnish historiography

16.55-17.00  Concluding remarks