13:00 Opening words: Academic freedom and autonomy
Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson, University of Helsinki

13:20 KEYNOTE: Quo Vadis Turkey?
Professor Umut Özkirimli, University of Lund

14:00 Turkey, EU and the narratives of emancipation: a reality check
Senior Research Fellow Toni Alaranta, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

14:30 Putschists vs. Populists
Professor Mahmut Mutman, University of Tampere

15:30-16:30 PANEL:
•Panel discussion Chair: Research director Juhana Aunesluoma,University of Helsinki
•Research Fellow Halil Gürhanli, University of Helsinki
•Professor Hannu Juusola, University of Helsinki
•Research Fellow Johanna Vuorelma, University of Warwick

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