Metsätalo Hall 1, 14.00-16.00. The global biosphere is nearing a tipping point – a point of no return – and the result would be less usable natural resources for humans and a poorer planet for all species. How are California and Finland doing in terms of reducing their and other countries' negative environmental impact? What can we learn from Finnish and Californian experiences in the science-policy interface?

The event begins with professor Barnosky’s summary of the book End Game, recently published in Finnish (Loppupeli, Vastapaino). The above questions are then discussed with Barnosky, director Mari Pantsar (Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra), professor of environmental policy Janne Hukkinen (University of Helsinki) and researcher Paavo Järvensivu (BIOS Research Unit). The discussion is lead by docent Jussi T. Eronen (BIOS Research Unit).