The fourth departmental colloquium was held on 13th April 2018, with Ilpo Vattulainen.

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"A physicist’s random walk in the life sciences"

We have five primitive needs: food, warmth, security, pleasure, and health. In this colloquium, we will discuss how physical sciences can reveal secrets related to health. Quite surprisingly it appears that we know quite little about biological structures and phenomena that maintain our health, yet we often take them for granted. Our skin protects us from forbidden substances, however its structure is still a genuine mystery. The surface of our eyes protects us from the dry eye syndrome, but we do not understand how. The beating of our heart keeps us alive, yet we do not fully understand how the signaling in our cells controls the beat. Given how fascinating it is to examine these challenges, it is a true privilege to be a physicist: the toolbox of physics provides the means to reveal the principles and mechanisms that nature uses to maintain life and foster our health.