Global South Encounters Seminar 28.10.2021: Pluriverse, Education and Territorial Justice

Chair: Chaitawat Boonjubun, Postdoctoral Researcher


Paola Minoia, Senior Lecturer & Associate Professor
José Castro-Sotomayor, PhD., Assistant Professor
Tuija Veintie, Postdoctoral Researcher
Johanna Hohenthal, Postdoctoral Researcher

In this seminar, the panelists discuss how territorial justice and education offer paths toward the pluriverse by touching upon knowledge, politics and pedagogical visions, ecocultural identities, humilocene, socio-environmental consciousness, place-based education and community experiential calendars. The seminar connects with the Academy of Finland’s DEVELOP programme project “Goal 4 : Including Eco-cultural Pluralism in Quality Education in Ecuadorian Amazonia“.