Scholars at Risk discussions at the Think Corner Porthania touch upon the issues of academic freedom, artists' freedom of expression and human rights from different perspectives. In the first discussion event, threats towards, and restrictions to academic freedom and their connections with the status of human rights were discussed in the contexts of Iran and Finland, as well as globally.

1. Introduction to the Scholars at Risk speaker series: Heini Vihemäki, coordinator of University of Helsinki Global South -network

2. Introductory speech on Academic freedom and human rights in Iran: Dr. Mehrdad Alipour (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study)

3. Panel discussion. Chair: Kristiina Kouros (Human Rights Centre). Participants: Dr. Mehrdad Alipour, Prof. Heikki Patomäki, Vice Rector Anna Mauranen, Prof. Laura Kolbe.

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