The seminar ‘Russian Law Talks 3 – Foreign Agents 2.0’ was held on the 19th of April 2021.

The original description of the event:

At the turn of 2020-2021 a series of bills broadening the oppressive “foreign agents” legislation, first introduced in 2012, were passed by the Russian State Duma. The new laws expand the scope of individuals and groups that can be designated “foreign agents,” introduce new restrictions and registration and reporting requirements, and oblige the media to note the designation whenever they mention these individuals or groups. Educational activities — which are now defined as any activities aimed at «intellectual, spiritual, moral, creative, physical and professional development of a person» shall be controlled by the government.

A team of NGO representatives and scholars will discuss the situation and the prospects of the Russian civil society under the new restrictive legislation.

Main presentation:

Alla Chikinda, Resource center for LGBT
Diana Barsegyan, communications specialist at Center
Tatiana Glushkova, HRC “Memorial”
Maria Davidenko, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow