Scholars at Risk discussions at the Think Corner Porthania touch upon the issues of academic freedom, freedom of expression and human rights from different perspectives. In the third event, freedom of expression in arts, journalism and culture was discussed.

1. Introduction to the Scholars at Risk speaker series: Heini Vihemäki, coordinator of University of Helsinki Global South -network

2. Presenting work done by Finnish PEN: Iida Simes, journalista and member of the board of PEN.

3. Case of cultures and artists at Risk in Mexico: Lea Kantonen, postdoctoral fellow in the Arts at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

4. Problems in freedom of expression in Kenya: Diis Abdi Guadhi, Film-maker/Documentarist.

5. Limitations to freedom of expression, experiences and examples from Russia and other countries.: Oksana Tselyseva, writer, journalist and human rights activist.

6. Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) and partners promoting artists' freedom of expression: Eleni Tsitsirikou, Residency & Event Manager at HIAP.

7. Panel discussion. Chair: Iida Simes. Participants: Diis Abdi Guadhi, Eleni Tsitsirikou, Oksana Tselyseva.

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