9:30 Markku Kulmala: Opening words
9:40 Markku Kulmala: Atmospheric nucleation
9:55 Sergej Zilitinkevich: New vision of atmospheric turbulence, planetary boundary layers and personal environment (ERC Advanced and PoC grants)
10:15 Hanna Vehkamäki: Molecular level models meet atmospheric clusters
10:35 Ilona Riipinen: ERC-StG ATMOGAIN: Advances in gas-aerosol interactions

10:50-11:10 coffee

11:10 Panel discussion of experiences with the application process
11:45 Paul Winkler: Experimental retrieval of nanoparticle dynamics from high time resolution measurements at low signal
12:00 Annele Virtanen: ERC-StG QAPPA: Insight to the atmospheric implications of semisolid phase of organic aerosols

12:15-13:00 lunch (at own cost)

13:00 Mikael Ehn: Project COALA: The ”C” stands for Comprehensive
13:15 Hannele Korhonen: Emulation of sub-grid scale aerosol-cloud interactions in climate models
13:30 Nonne Prisle: From molecules to rain in the future - signature of molecular level processes in global climate predictions
13:45 Mikko Sipilä: Molecular steps of gas-to-particle conversion: from oxidation to precursors, clusters and secondary aerosol particles
14:00 Markku Kulmala: Closing of the seminar

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