A lecture by Professor Ralph Córdova, Southern Illinois University of \nEdwardsville, USA. \nABSTRACT (part of)\nDrawing on an ethnographic perspective has allowed us to view and \nunderstand the situated co-constructed nature of classroom life and other \nlearning settings as cultures-in-the-making. Complementing this \ntheoretical lens is one of critical discourse analysis and literary theory \nwhich allows us to pay close attention to the roles that languages play in \nthe social-construction of daily life in learning settings. The use of \nvideo recording has allowed us to see, re-see, time and again the lived \ndiscursive stories of situated life in these learning settings, but often \ntimes managing the video records and \nretrieving them has been daunting.\n Video on uudelleenpakattu versio yliopiston vanhan media-arkiston tallenteesta.

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