Pub quiz: Smartass

Tiedekulma - Pub quiz: Smartass

Pe 16.11. klo 17.30

Do you know what are the 21st century skills and why are they necessary in the digital age? Have you thought how does the hyped AI work and is it smarter than humans? Or are you just longing for new trivia to brag about?

The Smartass pub quiz challenges you to show off your knowledge, broaden your mind and learn new. The theme of the quiz is education and data science which are explored in traditional and not so traditional questions. Suitable for every smartass and non-smartass!

Come on alone or bring a whole team with you. Tiedekulma Café serves you throughout the evening.

Psst. You can prepare yourself for the quiz by attending the Smart as HEL events at Tiedekulma or via livestreams.

The event is part of Smart as HEL, which explores future learning and education.

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