Special instruction concerning chemistry degree programmes

Päivitetty 7.4.2020 klo 8.41 / Updated on April 7th 2020 at 8.41

Tämän sivun ohjeet koskevat ainoastaan kemian koulutusohjelmia:
Instructions on this page only concern degree programmes in chemistry:

  • Kemian koulutusohjelma / Degree Programme in Chemistry
  • Kemian kandiohjelma / Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry
  • Kemian ja molekyylitieteiden maisteriohjelma / Master's Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences


  • Transitional time for students studying in old degree programmes (study right has begun before 1.8.2017) has been continued until 18.12.2020. However, if your study right ends on 31.7.2020, please note that you need to apply for an extension of studies!
  • Contact teaching on lecture courses has been replaced by distant learning. Information about changes regarding courses will be updated to the official course page at courses.helsinki.fi.
  • If it is not possible to organize the course by distant teaching, please contact Mikko Oivanen before canceling the course.
  • Each course will be assigned a substitute teacher who will become responsible for the course if the actual teacher falls sick. The list can be found here: https://helsinkifi-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/lagerwal_ad_helsinki_fi/EZxbV17hJc5MgVVydbYOiPQBBVFYh5l4AtFxXA815PobbA?e=k2yWKs
  • Student guidance will be done remotely.
  • For now the laboratory courses will not be held and the situation will be reassessed when it is known what will happen after May 13th. The teaching on suspended courses and courses which could not be started in the IV period can continue after May 13 at the earliest. We are preparing to continue laboratory teaching at least until Midsommer if possible. You will be notified of this as soons as possible. However, we are also preparing for the possibility that it is not possible to organize the labworks during May and June. We are currently considering scheduling of all courses and especially possibilities of organizing the laboratory courses during August and the fall.

  • Bachelor's research practice (kandin tutkimusharjoittelu) and research for master's thesis are also considered contact teaching and are prohibited at least until May 13th.

  • Master's thesis will be approved according to previously given schedule (https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/node/392?degree_programme_code=MH50...). However, during this time it is not required to physically sign the grading from. It is enough that the grading form is submitted unsigned from the email address of one of the examiners so that the second examiner and the author are cc'd (as long as @helsinki.fi -addresses are used, the form is considered to be signed). Additionally, please remember to send the abstract to the education coordinator (Tom Lagerwall) and upload the thesis to ethesis (https://ethesis.helsinki.fi/). 

Also, please remember to also follow instructions from the Faculty and the University during this time: