PL 65 (Viikinkaari 2a)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

PhD Sakari Kuikka works as a full professor in fisheries biology, in the University of Helsinki. He was a member of Scientific, Technological and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF), for 16 years. He is specialized to Bayesian decision analysis and probabilistic interdisciplinary modelling of fisheries systems. In addition to fisheries science, an important part of his research is focused on oil spill risk analysis.

He is the head of Fisheries and Environmental Management Group (FEM group) which consists of biologists, social scientists, economists, statisticians, mathematicians and civil engineering scientists. Kuikka is also the chair of ICES working group WGMABS (Working Group on Risks of Maritime Activities in the Baltic Sea), which aims to develop a new oil risk management and advisory system for Baltic Sea.

Kuikka has been coordinator in 4 FP or Horizon 2020 projects: 1) PRONE (risk methodology for fisheries), 2) ECOKNOWS, (Bayesian models and learning databases in fisheries science),
3) IBAM, (Bayesian integrative methods in environmental management and 3) GOHERR (governance for human and ecosystem health management of Baltic Sea).

Currently Kuikka has the following ongoing research projects: CEARCTIC: risk analysis of Arctic sea areas (shipping), GOHERR: risks caused by dioxin, MINOUW: Bayesian model to estimate fisheries discards, SMARTSEA: methods to support the blue growth in Bothnian Bay, WISE: decision making under uncertainty wicked problems. His overall research funding has been 8.5 million euros during the last 14 years.

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