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00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

I work as a Doctoral Student in the Faculty of Social Sciences. In my anthropological Doctoral research I use the return migration of Zimbabweans from South Africa as a lens to examine how returnees seek belonging in their social and structural surroundings. A central concern is to understand what crisis-driven displacement has done to the economies of care in Zimbabwe. I have recently conducted ethnographic fieldwork primarily in the city of Bulawayo, and I am currently in the process of writing. My research works analytically at the intersection of the anthropological discussions of state-making and family-making, and I am trying to develop empirically grounded understandings of how these processes are mutually co-constituted and contested within actual everyday interactions and relationships between different actors. The study is part of a research project ”Postliberal governance and popular claim-making in Southern Africa” that is funded by the Academy of Finland. It is supervised by Professor Jeremy Gould (University of Helsinki) and Professor Amanda Hammar (University of Copenhagen). I hold a MA from the University of Sussex and a BA from the University of Tampere. Before joining the faculty at the University of Helsinki, I have worked on issues related to displacement and migration in the public and NGO sectors. Key words: Displacement, Documents, Economies of Care, Family and Kinship, Migration, Southern Africa, State-making, Uncertainty, Zimbabwe.

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