PL 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

Pitkän aikavälin kestävyystieteen Apulaisprofessori

Tutkimuskuvaus alla englanniksi, ota yhteyttä jos tarvitset suomenkielisen käännöksen:

My present research focuses on understanding the ecological and climate related interlinkages with human activities in the present day and in the long-term historic past. I have a research perspective from natural sciences that is enriched by my own interdisciplinary training and collaborations outside my discipline. From my perspective, we need more transdisciplinary research efforts to be able to evaluate potential future pathways for society at large. We also need a more synthetic view of long-term changes, including cultural, social and political dimensions in addition to natural sciences. You can read more from my personal web-page: http://www.mv.helsinki.fi/home/jeronen/index.html

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