Garcia Horsman

PL 56 (Viikinkaari 5)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

I am in charge of the SPECT/CT facility, to advice on imaging, to design nuclear imaging projects, to coordinate the synthesis and preparation of radio-tracers, to interoperate and analyse the results, to maintain the facility, and train its personnel. To coordinate animal handling and manipulation for imaging procedures. To disseminate and promote imaging services, and to develop new imaging protocols.

As a PI, my duty is perform research, and train young researchers. My line of research is on neuroinflammation and imaging strategies.

I am in charge of the radiation safety in the Faculty, as radiation safety manager. To this end, I am responsible towards the Radiation Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) to coordinate safety and good laboratory practices in handling and use of radioactive material and radiation sources. I coordinate radiation waste management, and radiation risk and emergency management. I arrange and update official permits for radiation work, radiation work premises, and radioactive acquisition in the faculty, and make sure that official STUK regulations are followed in all aspects.

I dedicate a percentage of my time for educational, and teaching activities, in participating in courses, participation in. developing courses and educational programmes when asked.

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