PL 4 (Yliopistonkatu 3)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

My research focuses on energy transition as a large-scale sustainability transition. In my research I have focused on inertia and path dependency of energy systems, socio-cultural framing of technology and how changes in technological fields are brought about. My current research topics tackle energy practices and sustainable consumption (esp. laundry and heating), local energy initiatives and communities, energy questions of cities as well as interlinked practices of sustainable consumption and production.

My work as a research coordinator at Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science - HELSUS - is focused on developing inter- and intradisciplinary research collaboration, science-policy interaction and increasing the societal impact of sustainability research. 

I'm coordinator for Finland's Expert Panel for Sustainable Development that aims to bring scientific knowledge and viewpoints to decision-making and bring complicated but critical issues to the public debate, as well as to promote societal change that takes into account both the environment and human wellbeing. https://www.kestavyyspaneeli.fi/en/

I'm also a member of an expert panel of Environmental Penny "ympäristöpenni" electricity model of municipal energy company Helen. Ympäristöpenni collects a fund that is aimed for new and innovative energy intitatives. https://www.helen.fi/sahko/sahkosopimus/ymparistopenni


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