PL 27 (Latokartanonkaari 7)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

My main research interests regard the synthesis and integration of sustainability narratives, such as those of green, circular and bioeconomy, to inform the further development of sustainability transformations within strong sustainability. Specific topics include the following. The role of the ecosystem services concept and broader sustainability framings such as the planetary boundaries in informing the management of socio-ecological systems. The internalization in corporate sustainability of concepts such as the green, circular and bioeconomy, as well as the ecosystem services concept, especially in land use-intensive sectors. My teaching activities (2016-2019) have included MSc and PhD-level courses aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the theory and applications of ecosystem services; and an intensive MSc/PhD-level course comparing green-circular-bioeconomy concepts and strategies. Before completing my PhD studies in Forest Economics and Marketing at the University of Helsinki (2013-2016), I worked as a researcher and as a trainee at the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) in Finland and at the Institute of European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in Belgium (2012-2013). I have two MSc degrees achieved in the field of Ecology from the University of Sussex (UK) and the University of Roma Tre (Italy).

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