Saari Clinic services

The Saari Clinic of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides basic veterinary services and on-call veterinarian services for all animal species as well as special services for production animals. We are located in Mäntsälä at Leissantie 41, 04920 Saarentaus. 

The Saari Clinic of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides basic veterinary services and on-call veterinarian services for all animal species.

Our mobile clinic treats illnesses of production animals on nearby farms, and we will make farm visits to cowsheds, piggeries, stables as well as goat and sheep farms, but we can also make visits outside of our own practice region. We will also treat horses at the hospital as outpatient visits.

We accept production animals as inpatients, mostly bovines and small ruminants. Our hospital also treats, for example, alpacas and miniature pigs.

Our special services for bovine and pig farms:
•  Farm problem surveys
•  Production healthcare 
•  Animal hospital care 
•  Specialist and expert veterinarian services

Special services related to reproduction are available for all domestic animals.

The clinic also has a laboratory for performing milk, manure and the most common blood tests.

Phone 02941 40700 Mon–Fri 8.00–9.00

On-call service

Phone 0600 97413
On-call call charges:
8.00–22.00  €1.53 per minute + local network charge
22.00–8.00  €3.56 per minute + local network charge

On-call areas
The municipality of Mäntsälä and the Joint Authority for Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care areas in Orimattila, Myrskylä, Artjärvi and Pukkila. Acute cases from these areas during evenings, nights and weekends

The Joint Authority for Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care has a specialised small animal on-call service in Lahti during the weekends on Friday 16.00–20.00 and Saturdays and Sundays 8.00–20.00, phone 0600 392121.

The Department of Production Animal Medicine operating in the Production Animal Hospital employs veterinarians specialised in the reproduction of domestic animals, whose expertise and equipment are also available to the hospital. This enables the hospital to provide special breeding services for domestic animals. These services include farm problem surveys and both the treatment of and consultation on individual problems.

The Animal Reproduction Science Group provides clinical veterinary services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Mäntsälä, Finland.

The hospital treats mares and stallions suffering from reproductive problems and inseminates mares. In addition, stallion semen is frozen and frozen semen inseminations are conducted. Embryo flushing and embryo transfers are also performed. The Production Animal Hospital has a permit for conducting equine artificial insemination activities, which include inseminations, semen collection and examination. The permit covers also semen freezing and frozen semen inseminations. The Production Animal Hospital is registered as an export station of equine semen (Directive 92/65/EEC). The Production Animal Hospital also has an embryo transfer permit.

Our mobile clinic makes house calls to farms in nearby areas. In addition, we make healthcare farm visits to cowsheds, piggeries as well as goat and sheep farms. Our clinic also treats horses and we do stable visits at nearby stables. We perform about 2,100 farm visits annually.

Work at the clinic starts with a phone-in time from 8.00 to 9.00. This time is used to book farm visits for the same and coming days as well as booking appointments to the clinic. In the morning our customers may also ask for results of laboratory tests taken the previous day and receive instructions for further measures or medications.

At about 10.00 our veterinarians and a group of students go on regular sick visits or healthcare visits. Inflammation of the udder, milk fever, sudden loss of appetite or birthing problems are among the most common causes of need for emergency treatment among cows. Other less urgent conditions treated during farm visits include mild inflammations of an udder, fertility issues, problems related to cloven hoofs, calf polling and loss of appetite.

Our most common duties at stables include vaccination, teeth floating, treatment of cuts and pre-purchase examinations. In summer the examination of brood mares and insemination are typical reasons for a visit. We will refer horses requiring treatment in a clinic, such as serious cases of horse colic, for treatment at the Equine hospital in Helsinki.

As a rule, we do not treat small animals during farm visits. The aim is to treat them at our clinic by appointment.

The Production Animal Hospital has a patient ward, where production animals can be admitted for an examination to find out the cause of an illness or, for example, for surgery. The most common patients include dairy cows, calves and sheep, but the hospital also treats suckler cows, goats, miniature pigs and alpacas. Many of the hospital patients come from the hospital's operating area but patients are referred for surgeries and other procedures from hundreds of kilometres away.

The most common surgeries performed at the hospital include cows’ abomasum surgeries and calves’ navel surgeries. Some caesarean sections and foreign body surgeries are also performed at the hospital. Calves’ and heifers’ limb fractures are also a common cause of hospital treatment. The hospital also admits patients whose treatment is difficult or impossible to implement at their home farm. These cases include severe inflammations or neurological diseases.

The hospital has its own animal trailer, but patients arriving from far away and acute on-call patients usually arrive at the hospital by their own means.

The Saari Clinic accepts small patients for basic examinations, treatments and surgeries. When agreed separately, ultrasonic and radiation examinations can also be performed at the small animal clinic. Blood and other samples can also be studied at the clinic’s own laboratory, when needed. The small animal clinic is usually run by one full-time veterinarian.

The most common reasons to visit the small animal clinic are vaccinations, routine surgeries, ear and skin infections as well as problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The clinic can perform the most common surgeries but more difficult cases, such as bone fracture or gastric torsion surgeries, are referred to the Helsinki-based Small Animal Hospital of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Laboratory service
The Saari Clinic has a laboratory for milk, manure and the most common blood sample examinations. In addition, laboratory services are provided by the Central Laboratory of the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. During on-duty hours, the clinic’s own laboratory can perform the laboratory examinations required to start treatment.

Diagnostic imaging
The Saari Clinic is equipped with facilities for radiography and ultrasound examinations. In individual exceptionally difficult cases, the patient may be referred to further examinations at the imaging unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Small Animal and Equine Hospital, whose veterinarians and radiographers are specialised in diagnostic imaging and have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

The prices for farm visits comply for most part with the municipal veterinarian fees.

The price list of the Production Animal Hospital applies to the treatment of hospital patients and small animals. The full price list is available at the clinic.

Administrative fee

  • Weekdays at 8.00–16.00: €24
  • Weekdays at 16.00–22.00 and Saturdays at 8.00–16.00: €30
  • Weekdays at 22.00–8.00: €40
  • Saturdays at 16.00–24.00: €40
  • Sundays and mid-week holidays at 0.00–24.00: €40

Procedure fee increases (the increase does not apply to medicine or material fees)

  • Weekdays at 16.00–22.00: 50%
  • Weekdays at 22.00–8.00: 100%
  • Saturdays at 8.00–16.00: 50%
  • Saturdays at 16.00–24.00:  100 %
  • Sundays and mid-week holidays at 0.00–24.00: 100%

Hospital veterinarians and clinic veterinary nurses provide services at the Saari Clinic. In addition, specialised veterinarians from the Department of Production Animal Medicine participate in the treatment of patients.

The Saari Clinic is a research and teaching hospital, where the students of veterinary medicine learn practical animal health care and medicine. Fifth-year veterinary medicine students completing the clinical part of their studies at the Saari Clinic participate in the treatment of patients supervised by a veterinarian. The clinic also provides education to specialising veterinarians.

The operations of the Production Animal Hospital’s Saari Clinic are based on municipal agreements with the municipality of Mäntsälä and the Joint Authority for Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care, which provides us access to the required patient material. The Saari Clinic cooperates closely with the Department of Production Animal Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with which it shares facilities in Saari, Mäntsälä.