Clinical teaching and research at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Helsinki is an independent institute of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with research and teaching as its main purposes.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s duties include:

  • Pursuance of hospital activities required for veterinary research and teaching as well as provision of chargeable services
  • Monitoring of developments in the field as well as implementation and promotion of international and national cooperation
  • Provision of information, instructions, statements and specialist assistance in matters related to the field

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital carries out its duties by making its patients available for veterinary research and teaching. In practice, students of veterinary medicine participate in the treatment of all patients admitted to the hospital. This also means that animal owners may not be permitted to attend all treatment procedures. The veterinarians in charge of patients will decide on whether owners can attend a procedure.

All blood, urine, tissue and other similar samples and test results collected by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital are available for veterinary research. According to the same principle, written, photographic and other similar material accumulated in connection with clinical treatment is available for research use. All research-related matters are the responsibility of the veterinarians conducting the research. Owner details will not be published without their consent.

Further information on patient research can be obtained from the head of the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine and the head of the Department of Production Animal Medicine.

All patients of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital that unexpectedly die during treatment will be submitted to a pathologist for the determination of the cause of death. Autopsies will primarily be conducted at the diagnostic services unit of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. On the initiative of the animal owners, the veterinarians in charge of patients or the unit directors, autopsies can also be conducted by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.

Clinical training for exchange students

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