University of Helsinki centre for continuing education HY+

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ seeks to improve the future world and well-being of people through lifelong learning, knowledge sharing, and development. We provide continuing education and development services for professionals, institutions, organisations, enterprises, states, and individuals. Our services reflect all academic fields of the University of Helsinki, and although based on solid research, our training programmes are designed to serve practice.

In our development and consultancy services we believe in collaboration and empowerment. Our role in development programmes is to assist our collaboration partners during the process and support them to take the ownership of the project and implement it in a sustainable way.

Our Global Services

Our global services consist of Optimizing Education Systems, Professional Competence Development, and educational field specific UniVisits to Finland.

Education is seen as one of the main driving forces when a country is striving for economic growth and societal change. Well-functioning education systems also have to be reviewed and modified regularly. Our Education Reforms are designed to cover all levels of education – from Early Childhood Education to University or College levels. In addition to big reforms, we also offer Organisational Development Programmes which are more set to fine-tune and reshape existing structures and approaches.

Education Reforms

For countries aiming to enhance the performance of their education systems, we offer expertise to evaluate current performance and to design and execute development and education reforms. Read more

Organisational Development Programmes

Our organisational development programmes help organisations to find the best working solutions to their challenges through learning and education. Read more

The eleven high standard faculties of the University of Helsinki form a solid basis for providing education for professionals in diverse fields. Our offering consists of larger professional development programmes, intensive training programmes, and master classes.

Professional Development Programmes

Our professional development programmes seek to build and support change in the knowledge and skills of the participants. Read more

Intensive Training Programmes

Our intensive training programmes include leadership development and in-service training programmes in participants’ home country. Read more

Master Classes

Our master classes include leadership development and in-service training programmes in Finland. Read more

Our unique UniVisit concepts provide you with an insight into the Finnish education system and expertise. We help you to connect with the University of Helsinki’s top professionals, scientists, and researchers. We will not only share our expertise with you, but also ensure that theory will be put into practise through utilising co-creation methods, workshops, and reflection. We can also connect you with Finnish schools, companies, and government organisations.


Eduvisits are customised professional educational visits designed to showcase Finnish practices in education. Read more

Admission Visits

Admission Visits showcase the study opportunities at the University of Helsinki. Read more