Researchers specialised in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithms

This list of researchers is not comprehensive but simply an overview. The list is updated regularly.

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  • Dorota Głowacka, assistant professor. Information retrieval, exploratory search, reinforcement learning, personalization, interactive search, recommender systems, artificial intelligence, data science, cognitive aspects of artificial intelligence.

  • Keijo Heljanko, professor. Parallel and Distributed Data Science, Big data, Distributed Systems, Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing, vice director of Helsinki Centre for Data Science

  • Antti Honkela, associate professor. Machine learning, data science, privacy and machine learning/AI, security of machine learning/AI, AI and health. @ahonkela

  • Aapo Hyvärinen, professor. Machine learning, computational neuroscience.

  • Eero Hyvönen, research director, digital humanities.

  • Matti Järvisalo, associate professor. Automated reasoning, optimization, verified AI. Chair of Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.

  • Arto Klami, assistant professor. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical modelling

  • Mikko Koivisto, professor. Reliable and trustworthy AI, machine learning from small data.

  • Krista Lagus, professor. Text mining, social data science, machine learning, unsupervised methods, language technology. @KristaLagus

  • Michael Mathioudakis, assistant professor. Social networks, data science. 

  • Petri Myllymäki, professor. Artificial intelligence methods, machine learning, decision-support systems. Vice-Director, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), responsibilities include e.g. national and international collaboration between different fields of science and societal sectors. Member of a national group of experts in artificial intelligence and digitalization.

  • Valtteri Niemi, professor. Information security.

  • Jukka K Nurminen, professor. Software systems in data-intensive computing, engineering and testing of AI systems, Green AI. 

  • Kai Puolamäki, associate professor. Information retrieval, data mining, data science and machine learning combined with atmospheric sciences @KaiPuo

  • Teemu Roos, professor. Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, societal implications of AI, Elements of AI and Building AI online courses @teemu_roos

  • Laura Ruotsalainen, associate professor. Spatio-temporal data analysis, navigation technologies, GPS interference, computer vision, autonomous systems, drones, AI for sustainability science @lauraruotsa

  • Tuukka Ruotsalo, academy research fellow. Information retrieval, recommender systems, cognitive modelling, brain-computer interfaces, physiological computing, interactive information visualization.

  • Anna-Mari Rusanen, university lecturer and principal investigator. AI philosophy, AI ethics, human-machine cognitive interaction, cognitive science. Lead instructor of the Ethics of AI online course.

  • Sasu Tarkoma, professor, head of the department. Director of Helsinki Centre for Data science. Internet of things 

  • Hannu Toivonen, professor. Artificial intelligence (AI), creative AI, data science, data mining, text analysis, text generation, digital humanities. @haba_tt

  • Aku Visala, academy research fellow. Theological and religious perspectives on AI, AI and humanity, free will, moral responsibility and AI.  

  • Roman Yangarber, associate professor. AI and language.

  • Indrė Žliobaitė, assistant professor, data science and evolution, predictive modelling, fairness-aware machine learning, NOW database of fossil mammals @inzl