Our departmental colloquium on 16th November 2018 was given by Michael Ramsey-Musolf.

For more information, visit: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/physics-colloquium/16th-november-2018-at-14-15-in-d101-michael-ramsey-musolf/

"Shattering the Lavender Ceiling: A Gay Theoretical Physicist’s Perspective"

Science advances most effectively when the scientific community embraces and supports scientists from all backgrounds and identities. In this talk, I focus on the particular challenges to full inclusion in the scientific enterprise faced by LGBTQ physicists – the “lavender ceiling”. I will share insights from my own experience as an out gay theoretical physicist and from a recent American Physical Society climate study. I will also highlight some “best practices” that a physics department may adopt to engender a more inclusive climate for sexual and gender minorities.