Time: Monday 30.05.2022, 10.00-15.00 hrs 
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Social, health and rescue services will be organized in Finland by the new wellbeing counties from January 1st 2023. Client and patient safety is one important aspect in reorganizing services. From the very beginning, the preparation of the welfare area in Central Uusimaa has been open and transparent. Professor Alan Lyles (University of Baltimore), has been invited as a guest of Keusote to assess Keusote’s current status and plans for transforming into a wellbeing county. As part of prof. Lyles’ visit the implementation of client and patient safety in wellness areas will also be discussed. The visit is supported by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.
This event brings together insights from international and Finnish scholars and service providers to discuss implementation of the recently launched client and patient safety strategy by 2026. The strategy can be found online at http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-00-8464-6
The event is targeted at policymakers, managers, researchers, developers, and innovators in the field of social and health care.
The event is organized by the Joint Municipalities of Central Uusimaa (Keusote) in collaboration with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), and UHealth and Clinical Pharmacy Group, University of Helsinki. 
The hybrid event can be followed online. Participation in the event is free of charge. For further information please contact Suvi Hakoinen (suvi.hakoinen@keusote.fi).




10.00           Opening and welcome
Chairman Dr. Anna-Maija Tapper, Medical Director, HUS Hyvinkää Hospital Area

10.05           Finnish Client and Patient Safety Strategy by 2026: National Coordination and Guidance

                      National Client and Patient Safety Strategy and role of Finnish Center for Client and Patient Safety in its implementation
Prof. Tuija Ikonen, University of Turku

Strategic Priority 4.1: Promoting medication safety
Assist. Prof. Anna-Riia Holmström, University of Helsinki

Role of Finnish Medicines Agency in promoting medication safety
Docent Katri Hämeen-Anttila, Head of Research and Development, Finnish Medicines Agency

11.00           Short break

11.10           Ways to implement the strategy in practice

Patient safety in Finnish emergency medical system (EMS)
Hetti Kirves, Chief Physician, Emergency Medicine and Services, HUS

Developing medication safety with electronic medication management system
Carita Linden-Lahti, Medication Safety Coordinator, HUS

Developing safe medication practices within a regional health care district in Finland 
Ercan Celikkayalar, Head of Hospital Pharmacy Services at Kanta-Häme Central Hospital / University Instructor, University of Helsinki

Developing medication safety in outpatient care
Anni Wartiainen, Medication Safety Coordinator, PHHYKY

Developing medication safety in nursing homes
Suvi Hakoinen, Doctoral Researcher in University of Helsinki, UHealth / Planner, Keusote

12.10           Reflections from international perspective
Prof. Alan Lyles, University of Baltimore & Johns Hopkins University, Docent, University of Helsinki / Fulbright Specialist

12.25           Concluding remarks 

Chairman Dr. Anna-Maija Tapper, Medical Director, HUS Hyvinkää Hospital Area


Research, De­vel­op­ment and Innovation in So­cial and Health Care: the Finnish Chal­lenge

10 May 2022, Tiedekulma

Effective and efficient healthcare and welfare services are the product of years of systematic research, development, and innovation (RDI) work. The Finnish social and healthcare service system is currently under a major administrative overhaul. The responsibility for organizing services will be transferred from municipalities to regional service counties in 2023.

What kinds of RDI challenges will the new counties face? How can the counties develop a working RDI ecosystem? What kinds of international and local best practices are available for developing the ecosystem? What kinds of measures are needed from Finnish policymakers, service providers, and universities to strengthen the RDI ecosystem locally, nationally, and internationally?

The event was organized by the UHealth profile-building area of the University of Helsinki in collaboration with the Joint Municipalities of Keski-Uusimaa, Keusote.

The recording from the event is available online at Unitube.