Learning environments

Our school has several versatile learning environments, including the library and the Majakka and Topelius facilities.

The library plays a significant role in our school’s learning environment.


Pupils and students can come to borrow books either with their teacher or on their own. The library collections encompass roughly 25,000 volumes.

The library collection, facilities and equipment are at the disposal of our pupils, students, staff and student teachers. In addition to books, the library also loans laptops. Please note that the library laptops are reserved for upper secondary school students’ Abitti tests during upper secondary school examination weeks.

The University of Helsinki’s teacher training schools have a shared library database. The database can be searched at http://kirjasto.vink.helsinki.fi/ENG/search.htm. Please remember to check that the volume you looked up is available at your school (click on the search result title and check the library under “Items” for “Viikki”). We regularly acquire new materials for our collection.

The library is also a comfortable space where pupils and students can spend time during their breaks and free periods to study independently. Sakari and Topelius are our newly renovated library facilities, complete with modern furniture. These facilities are primarily meant for teaching in the spirit of the new curriculum’s open learning environments.

During terms, the library is open on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00.

Our librarian assists in searching for information, offers advice on library use and supports instruction in many ways.

The reading diploma for comprehensive school grades 1–6 was designed in 2009 by librarian Niko Määttä and class teachers Taru Piironen, Sirkku Myllyntausta and Ulla Ilomäki-Keisala from our school’s library group. In selecting books that qualify for the reading diploma, the group considered educational aspects and chose books from various genres. Most pupils in grades 1–6 now complete the reading diploma or the more advanced master reader’s reading diploma. In our experience, the reading diploma has clearly encouraged children to read more. The list of books that qualify for the reading diploma is periodically updated.