Get to know us

The Viikki Teacher Training School of the University of Helsinki is a school community that consists of comprehensive and general upper secondary schools, with learners from preschoolers to upper secondary school students and student teachers. The school is home to some 940 pupils, 250 student teachers and 110 staff members. As part of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki, we offer basic training for prospective teachers and continuing education for professional teachers. 

As per our mission, the Viikki Teacher Training School is an inspiring and safe place to learn and work together. We also strive to take sustainable development into account in all our operations. As recognition of our good work, our upper secondary school was the first general upper secondary school to receive a prestigious environment certificate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in summer 2008, the Green Flag eco-label in autumn 2010 and a sustainable development certificate in autumn 2014.


The Viikki Teacher Training School is an inspiring and safe place to learn and work together. 


The Viikki Teacher Training School is the workplace of children, young people and adults in which everyone is entitled to work safely. Our aim is to foster partnership as our school spirit, characterised by openness, honesty, mutual respect, fairness, shared responsibility and safety.

The Viikki Teacher Training School community is home to people of different backgrounds, ages and positions. To us, diversity is a resource that we wish to protect and nurture. Our school community’s actions demonstrate that we listen to each other and take each other into account. Mutual respect and considerate behaviour are the preconditions for agreeable and successful collaboration.